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Pain Management – Medical Acupuncture

Welcome to the website of Dr. Nikolaos Chairetakis. Visitors can find here useful information that will help them make the right decision in finding an effective solution to their health problems.
The pain clinic offers a source of reliable information, support and therapy, while the doctor will discuss different treatment options with you.

Medicine, nowadays, recognizes the effectiveness of acupuncture. In cases where clinical benefits have been proven, acupuncture is integrated in the therapeutic treatment. Information on current clinical trials and scientific data concerning the mechanisms of action, as well as the confidence of patients undergoing treatment, promote a high standard in the application of medical acupuncture today.

Virtuvian manDealing with patients in painful conditions has resulted in the knowledge and understanding regarding the problems that they face. It has allowed me to see how to approach them, the potential of therapeutic intervention and the various challenges involved, in a more critical manner.
The human body is more than the biochemical characteristics of the individual organs/tissue of which it consists, it works as a unique entity that interacts and expresses itself as a whole. This is why a more holistic approach is often effective in patient care where traditional medicine has not achieved its purpose. The goal of acupuncture is to trigger the self-healing potential of the body and the balancing of self-regulating homeostatic mechanisms.

In the pages on this site, you can learn more about relief from chronic pain as well as a large number of clinical uses that exist for biomedical acupuncture.

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